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Driving force

Station X

Station X a division of Gattaca Consulting Group.


We are a driving force leveraging strategy, purpose, creativity and data centric technologies. We help organisations rapidly express and position their true purpose through, strategic leadership, design thinking and the co-creation of immersive brand experiences.

Our experience

Strategic and tactical

In order to be successful in a world of shape shifting markets and connected everything, we now more than ever, need to respond and adapt to future opportunities and threats moving from analysis to conception and production to execution, even faster.

In our experience, on both strategic and tactical fronts, people, culture and brand experience solutions can only move from tacit to explicit if organisations truly embrace change and take their people on the journey.

What we do

People, culture, practices

Aligning, people, culture, practices and data into a cohesive framework is a robust approach if you want to accurately build and create  immersive brand experiences, go to market plans and boost market performance  Station X is a nexus of highly experienced senior professionals from global management consultancies, digital creative agencies and successful entrepreneurial backgrounds,  all working together to create meaningful and productive outcomes. We bring the best people to every engagement and work closely with C suite executives on short- or long-term engagements to improve business performance, brand positioning, go to market campaigns and customer experience. 


We ‘listen’ analyse, plan, project manage, facilitate, produce and resource the production and implementation of all our client projects or come in where and when needed as specialist advisory or governance. 






Executive workshop series that uncovers, articulates, and aligns your leadership group around the purpose, business design of the company.  


Brand & Customer Strategy: 

Ensuring a meaningful connection between your brand strategy, business and customers 



Our methodology looks at your why your company matters to the people important to sustaining its growth and profitability. 


Employer Brand Strategy:

Leading with purpose we create a meaningful EVP – strategy, framework and supporting identity that connects and nurtures with internal and external talent.  


Creative Services: 

Video, TVC’s, Campaigns, Strategic Narrative, Creative Copy, Content Production, Podcasts, UX/UI Websites and Development, Identity and Graphic Design.  

Sector focus

 B2B, Financial and Insurance, Industrial, Construction, Technology, Education, Maori sector, Medical, FMCG, Agribusiness, Tourism, Government, Health promotion.  


Client work:

ACC, KPMG, AIA, Te Waananga O Aotearoa, Adept Group, All Press, Agresearch, Fashion Week, Facteon, CCNZ, Civilshare, Gilmours, Ministry of Health, One HQ, Prosper Group, Konnect Net, Minter Ellison, Methven.  


If you want to get off the X and need high level experience across strategy implementation and creative consulting, we are definitely the people you need to talk with.  Call us today to find out why and how we can help transform your business.  

Let’s talk

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Station X